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About Us

ZAAZEE is an award winning British women's sportswear brand. The collection of leggings, capris, tops and accessories features quality technical fabrics, vibrant colours, stylish feminine designs and a stretchy fit that feels good while you exercise.


I built the ZAAZEE brand on insight into the market, working with some of my friends and contact in the industry to identify common problems and found solutions. I sourced, tested, developed and did it all again. I love colour and worked closely with customers and continued to innovate to improve.  As a brand I feel it's important to keep trying new exciting fabrics, lengths, styles. As a brand we continue to listen to help us get better. We are constantly evolving and we enjoy making great women's kit.

Many ZAAZEE products feature a fabulous stretchy material that combines SUPPLEX® with elastane. SUPPLEX® is an advanced branded fibre from INVISTA (formerly DuPont) they make LYCRA and are the world leaders in performance fibre technology. It's super-soft, fully breathable, extremely comfortable as well as keeps the colour, shape dries quickly. The fabric has an incredible stretch allowing unrestricted movement whilst supporting and holding your body which is fantastic for sports.


A great deal of time was spent researching where to produce ZAAZEE. Originally the idea was to produce ZAAZEE in the UK. My aunt was a seamstress and I personally really like the "Made in Britain" concept, ironically, living in Ancoats, Manchester, it's an area that was once home to huge Cotton Mills and has a history of manufacturing. I think you can feel the energy from days gone by. 

After exploring the factories of many manufacturers in the UK and trying to find the correct machinery and expert cutters and materials, I made a choice to make with our neighbours in Europe and specifically Portugal. It has a great reputation for quality textile manufacturing and huge brands who I respect all manufacture there. 

ZAAZEE isn't about cheap throw away fashion; the concept was about creating great quality but that was affordable. Manufacturing in Portugal I am proud that we don't work with sweat shops. The factories are small with mainly women seamstresses who have been working in the trade for years and they are hard working teams who work around having kids and making sure they are good mums. Given the economic climate in Portugal some of the women are the main bread winners. So we feel good to be helping them out too.


From CEO and Founder Deborah Todd:

I grew up in a really sporty family and from an early age loved doing all sports. I was pretty good at swimming and started horse riding and tennis from about 7. My family all loved sports and as a family we watched everything.  When my mum asked me what I wanted to be, I always replied "I just want to have fun!" Sport to me was about having fun with your friends as well as participating. As you get older and things change, you have to study harder and somehow sport loses to other stuff like working and socialising. Over the years I did less sports and focused on my working role but I really wanted to mix the two. Having kids is even more challenging on the body but keeping active really helped me. I’ve launched ZAAZEE to empower other women to do more sports and be more active and enjoy working out, because not only is it fun and healthy, it gives you more energy and determination with the challenges ahead of each day. Enjoy, Deborah X