Ambassadors - Debbie | ZAAZEE Activewear for Women

Debbie, Personal Trainer

How long have you been doing sports?

I’ve been doing sports since I was in junior school. I used to run and play netball for the school. PE was always my favourite lesson!

Who got you into it?

My Mum always encouraged me. She was very sporty when she was young and was keen for me to be involved in sports.

Favourite class / Fitness regime

Circuit training. Interval training. I also enjoy pilates and yoga to balance things out.

Best part of the job

Helping clients improve their health and fitness and feel better about themselves. Even if they complain during the session my clients always feel better at the end! I know how good exercise makes me feel so it’s really satisfying being able to pass that feeling on.

Fitness goals for 2015

Improve my half marathon time.

Greatest event achievement in sport

Getting back to pre-baby fitness after having my baby boy and completing the Liverpool half marathon in 1hr 33 mins.