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Rachel, Personal Trainer & Blogger (ode2fitness)

How long have you been personal training?

I’ve been a Personal Trainer at Pure Gym Urban Exchange for just over a year and a half.

Who got you into it?

My dad! After I saw an article on how to turn your passion for fitness into a career, I turned to my dad for advice. He helped me get onto a course, and encouraged me into setting up my own business.

What did you do before?

I actually used to work in travel, both retail and corporate.

Best part of the job?

Seeing clients getting results, and overcoming personal battles. Whether it be weight loss, hitting a new PB, or just building their confidence in the gym.

What are you enjoying most about training so far to date?

Feeling strong! I used to be the cardio bunny pounding away on the treadmill never quite getting the body I wanted. Since getting into weight training I love the buzz you get from deadlifting or squatting and managing to lift that extra bit of weight!

Favourite city in the UK and why?

Manchester! I moved here after University, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. There are so many great restaurants, bars and the shopping is AMAZING!

Favourite healthy food?

Nakd Bars! They feel like a naughty treat but are packed with nothing but goodness!

Favourite part of your body and why?

I secretly love my bum, although only since I got into squatting!

Bit you enjoy working on other people?

Bums! Squats are one of my favourite exercises and I love getting women into squatting and feeling proud of their bum!

Something that annoys you about what people think about training?

Definitely has to be that weights make women look manly and bulky! Some Women think that the minute they pick up a dumbbell they will end up looking like Arnie, and it’s just so not true! Weights give you that defined sculpted look that most women want!

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