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Rosanne, Yoga Instructor

How long have you been into yoga?

Since 2011, 6 years!

Who got you into it?

My social science teacher was the first to interest me about finding out what yoga was about. It wasn’t until 2011, when I attended my first yoga class with Pete Yogazi. I knew I had found something that I absolutely loved… I found something that could relax my busy mind!

Favourite part about teaching?

My favourite part of teaching is that I get to share what I am passionate about, mindfulness, self-love and movement. I love seeing when students get it, seeing the benefits of the practice, seeing them completely relaxed or something for them finally clicks!

Best part of the job?

Meeting a lot of incredibly driven and talented people that are passionate about what they do, whether it be yoga, movement, music, fashion or food! It is an amazing community, especially when we get together to combine our skills for a collaboration!

Favourite city in the UK and why?

Of course… Manchester! Minus the rain, it is a vibrant city with something always going on! I love how multicultural it is, so many different cuisines in one city, amazing local musical talents, abundant amount of creative and passionate people that have set up their own business and the yoga/fitness scene here is so diverse! It is a small enough city for it to not be overwhelming, but big enough that it never gets boring as there is always a festival or event bringing similar minded people of Manchester together!

Where do you teach?

I am based in Manchester. I am currently teaching at Nuffield Health Didsbury, Waterside Leisure Club, Sports Direct Fitness, Manchester Capoeira Academy, The Divine Hub, Ziferblat (NQ) and Pure Gym.

Favourite healthy food?

At the moment I am obsessed with Matcha lattes, beetroot hummus and coconut chia seed puddings!

Dream destination to work?

Singapore or somewhere exotic in Asia!