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Soaring for Success

18 May 2016

My name is Chrissy Phipps, I'm 39 and I live in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

Please tell ZAAZEE a little bit about your fitness journey?

I have always been into sports and being fit. When I was at school it was athletics; middle distance and Javelin, then at Uni it was adventurous training with the Army. However when I started working I used to run regularly and signed up for the Manchester 10k after completing that I saw a flyer for the Salford triathlon. I mentioned it to a few friends and I was given a bike and a wetsuit, so I did that too! More recently, a few colleagues arranged a team for the Tough Mudder.

"My ZAAZEE clothes still feel brand new and I give them pounding in the gym"

I knew I could run the distance but wasn't sure about the obstacles, thats when I found Crossfit Central Manchester. I love Crossfit. Its the sport of fitness, where you practice constantly, varied functional movements at high intensity. This type of training really suits me and I go about 4 times a week. Its more of a social club with cool folks who love to train. I have competed nationally and I am in the best shape of my life.

What's your day job?

I am an Airline Pilot and I currently work for easyJet. I fly from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to anywhere in Europe. This week I flew to Belfast, Barcelona, Bodrum, Faro, Isle of Man and Amsterdam.

Person I’d most like to fly for? Where to?

I had always hoped to one day become Prince's private pilot but sadly that will never happen.

File_001 Most exciting passenger?

My mum. I took her up in a light aircraft in New Zealand and she says its the best experience of her life.

Favourite destination?

Nice on the French Riveria. The view of the coastline and the mountains is just stunning. The aeroplane has to descend over the sea and then we get to fly around the coast to land.

How would you encourage more women to get into flying?

Just do it! Go and get a taster lesson, then do some research and find a friendly pilot to get some advice from. I am currently mentoring a future pilot. Also check out the easyJet website for the Amy Johnson Flying Initiative for support with training costs.

File_002.jpg?w=690 How I came to loving ZAAZEE ….

Deborah brought some samples to the gym for us to try. You can tell straight away that the material is going to last. My ZAAZEE clothes still feel brand new and I give them a pounding in the gym.

What is next for you?

I'd love one day to complete an Ironman. I just need to commit and fit in the training.

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