Maintaining family and fitness (and running) during lockdown

It’s been far too long since we brought you a ZAAZEE blog, so here’s our latest edition featuring running enthusiast @_amy_runs_  who’s making the most of lockdown and working out when and where possible with her family. Take it away!

A little about me

I’m Amy and I live near Peterborough with my husband, daughter (6) and our rescue dog Aberforth Dumbledore (Abe). I’ve been running semi-regularly since October 2016 when I found out I had a ballot place in the London Marathon (on my first try- I know very lucky!). At the same time, I joined my local running club and I’ve loved running in various local races wearing my club vest with pride! It’s been a mixed journey and I’m definitely not the fastest but I am looking forward to continuing wearing the brightest/most comfortable running gear. I love a pair of pink socks


My running journey

I guess my initial motivation was because I secured a London Marathon place. Although I did run a bit when I was younger, including running the Great North Run when I was 21. I had no idea what I was doing, but had the best experience. I didn’t run again properly for about a decade! Running for me is about the joy after a run. I love those endorphins and being with lots of other like-minded people.

Local favourites

My favourite run is a difficult one. I’m very lucky to have lots of options near me! I do love running near the lakes near my home, especially in the current lockdown and discovering new routes and paths. It would be crazy not to also say that London was a pretty epic run too!!

At the moment, I’ve been spending more time running with my daughter. Helping help her become more confident and ready for when we can get back to Junior parkrun. I’ve loved her positivity at the end of a hard run. 8 minutes is a long time to a six year old (and a 35 year old!!). I love that my husband and daughter now run regularly, while other members of my family have done Couch to 5k or become parkrun regulars. This year I’ve convinced 3 generations to run the Westminster Mile!


Juggling lockdown

Time is always an issue for me and I definitely struggle to run after work. However, I know that a short run can make me feel great and help me find some headspace. At the moment I try to fit some form of exercise during the day whether that’s running with my daughter, running alone, a walk or some pilates or Clubbercise. As a family, like lots of families, we have to share who gets the exercise on their own and who walks the dog/ runs with our daughter! I have taken the pressure off and I am enjoying just getting out when I can.

Benefits of exercise

I’ve always found exercise can have such a huge impact on my mood, especially as someone who has struggled with mental health. If I’m having a bad day running will make me feel better. Before lockdown, I was having a tough time and my lovely running buddy came round and said we were going running and the difference when I came back was amazing. Running and having a good debrief always helps! During this time being able to just get out for a walk, listen to the birds and see the world around us change can really help and I feel so lucky to be able to do this.


Group running

I love running in a group and alone. A group can be an amazing motivator and keeps you going even when it’s tough! Earlier this year, as part of our training for the Manchester marathon, a group of us from my running club went out to run 16 miles. Over the run about 20 of people were part of the group choosing their own distance and dropping in and out. It was such a great, positive morning with everyone motivating each other and there was no pressure to run at a particular pace. It really reminded me why it’s great to run in a group but when it’s not possible I do love a run with just my music to keep me company!

Personal habits

I do sometimes run with music but it depends on the run. I use Spotify to listen to different playlists. My current favourite is a 90’s mix. I loved that whilst running up a hill Don’t Stop Movin’ by S Club 7 came on and I didn’t stop moving with a huge grin on my face!


Discovering the ZAAZEE skorts and bras

I came across ZAAZEE on Instagram in 2019 through the lovely Laura Jones and just loved the look of everything!! Eventually, after months of lusting, I made my first purchase of two lovely skorts, which I love to wear especially in the summer although any weather is skort weather! I’ve now brought 4 bras (Alicia, Ellie x2 and the Abi) and they are so comfortable to wear. I’ve been living in them in lockdown. I can’t wait to also get the Alana vest soon too! Deb is always so helpful and willing to spend ages messaging about sizes before I buy things!

Thank you for reading & keep running everyone! Amy x



the AMELIA black skort

Keep us posted on your progress, goals and achievements during this difficult time. And of course also stay safe and social distance where possible! Feel free to post your favourite active snaps. If any of you have any blog ideas, how you are coping with homeschooling and lockdown fitness get in touch and write to us at

Happy Running, ZAAZEE 


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