More ZAAZEE pop-ups, where haven’t we been?

We’ve been really busy this Spring and April was no exception. Yet another exciting month for ZAAZEE!

Things kicked off in Notting Hill which is just filled with mega trendy bars, restaurant and of course super-cool Planet Organic.

We had been invited to celebrate BARREtoned‘s third birthday for a week filled with lots of goodies.

BARREtoned launched three years ago by a group of people keen to offer a different type of barre class. The full-body workout is performed at the ballet barre creating long lean muscles and improved posture.

I was really lucky and was even invited to take part, the classes are normally £28.00 an hour, which for some people is a monthly membership. Of course I had a go. I do lots of cardio so it was really exciting to learn more about toning and stretching.

The class was a small group and everyone apart from me seemed to know what to do, but the teacher was amazing and she encouraged and helped me throughout which really helped build confidence. It was a mixture of pilates and yoga but with a type of interval training using the / ball and mat where you do controlled movements and your own body weight to work every major muscle group. I gave it my all and found it exceptionally challenging. I got the shakes from all the moves and it felt great!

IMG_4523 C.jpg

I thoroughly  recommend it and can’t wait to go back. Above is a snap of me with instructor Inna, who was so helpful showing me how to correctly stand / tilt and work my body in the movements.

The lovely marketing team at BARREtoned are kindly offering all ZAAZEE clients a FREE  trial class AND,  if you like the class you can purchase their New Client Special for only £100 (normally £150) if bought on the same day. To book yourself in for a free trial, please ring their studio on 020 7229 8668 quoting ZAAZEE or you can purchase their New Client Special on their website with discount code – ZAAZEEBARRE for 30 days of unlimited classes!

London was swiftly followed by returning North to Liverpool, Fitness For All in Woolton. Jill and I met at the first fitness event when ZAAZEE launched and she’s created an independent gym filled with pay-as-you-go classes. An entrepreneur in her own right, she’s built a fabulous gym with so many types of classes – it suits everyone.


I had a go at the Boogie Bounce. It was so much fun, I’d recommend giving it a go!

Boogie Bounce (cropped).jpg

In the new gym there will be four individual squat racks and will follow the ‘Starting Strength’ method of training. This is a method of strength training designed by an American guy called Mark Ripptoe. It’s all about breaking down moves that have become over complicated, simplifying them – getting you stronger ! Dead lift, Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press are the fundamental moves.

ZAAZEE will be returning to celebrate Jill’s brand new gym on the 18th June for the celebrations. If you would like to attend, give the studio a call and book on. All classes are £5 and there will be tons of activities going on.


To wrap up April, I went back to Be:Fit London, one of the biggest events in the fitness calendar. We exhibited last year and so I was keen to see how the event was evolving. It was fabulous to see so many familiar faces, brands, journalists and headline fitness instagramers all under one roof during this massive three-day event.

IMG_1624 BB

With Healthy Chef Steph & Her Royal Thighness!!

IMG_4774 BB.jpg

ZAAZEE will continue to tour the country so be sure to keep an eye out on our events page to see when we will be coming to you! Hope to see you soon, thanks for all the encouragement.


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In the middle TV Presenter•DJ•Fitness Vlogger AJ Odudu

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