Netball and its increasing popularity – the sport of choice for women

It’s been too long since our last ZAAZEE blog so this one, in the run up to Christmas is with our good friend, ex-England netball international Anna Carter (@ACoachcarter), Director of Netball at Leeds Rhinos.

Anna loves Netball and has watched the sport grow especially since England’s incredible success over Australia to secure gold at the Commonwealth Games. Netball is firmly on the map and continues to attract more and more women to the sport.


The league is growing in popularity in the UK and in Australia it’s big business. This summer ZAAZEE got a chance to work with England Netball (@EnglandNetball) at the Copperbox and it’s a sport we really care about and want to continue to be part of.

My Netball Journey

I’ve always loved keeping fit. It’s a real passion for me and used as an escape from my three kids and full-time work. It helps clears my head and is good way to get some down time. I’ve been lucky to play netball at a high level, travel the world and meet some amazing people who’ve shown the love and positive impact sport and fitness can have!

The Rise of Rhinos Netball

We’ve received the official accredited pathway from England Netball, which means we are responsible for running an Elite training programme for girls who want to represent their area nationally and also have the opportunity to be screened for England. The players receive strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition and technical coaching to improve all aspects of their performance and well-being. On top of this we run an excellent community and development programme, starting at five and up and out-of-school hours!

Passion for Sport

I was lucky to be talented at most sports, from running, volleyball, tennis, swimming and netball! I loved netball the most because I enjoyed being part of a team and working towards a goal. Plus, the netball tour to Australia when I was 16 years of age might have nudged me in the direction of netball!

Netball is fun and inclusive from Back to Netball, walking netball, Netball Now and of course men’s netball on the raise it really is a game for everyone. It’s a full body workout done at pace with friends!


Commonwealth Gold

Netball as increased at pace since our Commonwealth Games gold medal win in April, we have now an increased participation from that event to 130,000 extra women and girls playing the game.


I feel people were shocked at how fast, physical and skilful netball is. The Commonwealth Games is such a great event because you support your country and will often find yourself watching sports you wouldn’t normally and you develop an admiration for different sports!

Tour Down Under

Netball in Australia is huge, the ballers in Oz are household names, with a professional netball league, top sponsorship deals and lots of supporters at the super league games. The Grand Final SuperLeague game in Australia had 12,000 people at the arena and a large number watching at home too! We are heading in the right direction in England in all women sports, by raising awareness like ‘Show up” campaign for SKY promoting women sport, seeing it more on the TV and generally having great role models across the board.


I got to know Debs (the founder) a few years ago, where I bought some sports bras and leggings. I felt I needed to give some other kit a go and had heard fab reports in various high-profiled magazines.

I have two products I love and keep coming back for, the sports bras, they keep everything in place, supported and look great on, they are comfy and do the job without making my chest feel restricted which is important in netball and running.

I also love the 3/4 length leggings, they give me freedom when playing netball or running and never need adjusting when I run. I can just focus on what I am doing and feel comfy and good with what I’m wearing.

Fitness in 2019

I really enjoy running. I run quite a lot of miles in a week, don’t get me wrong I’m not quick and I will never compete, but I love the freedom of running and how it makes me feel!

Plus I’m looking to do more yoga next year. I’m not getting any younger and feel like now would be a good time to lock in some flexibility. Also running can take a lot out of your joints so a balance would be better on my knees.

Thank you for reading! Anna xx


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