Summer workouts – get outdoors! 

At ZAAZEE, we work with loads of amazing women including many incredible personal trainers. These women have devoted their lives to fitness and to helping others get into the best shape they can be. They really know their stuff! 

For this week’s blog post, we are encouraging ZAAZEE girls to ditch the four walls of the gym and get outside into the great outdoors! Take your workout to the sunshine, and take advantage of the lovely weather. 

Here’s personal trainer Jo Rosenberg’s park workout that requires no fancy equipment whatsoever. What are you waiting for!?

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Summer fitness – working out outdoors

By Jo Rosenberg 

As a PT, I train all my clients outside, whether it’s in the local park or in a client’s back garden. It’s amazing what a difference it can make compared to working out in the gym, both physically and mentally. Fresh air is hugely important, its helps us sleep, improves our immune system, keeps us energised and it makes us feel good.

Get outdoors and train this Summer and you’ll be surprised at how energising and invigorating it can be

There’s no need to invest in a load of equipment. Hit the park with just a water bottle, a stop watch and a mat (optional) and follow my simple workout.

You’ll love the results! Here goes…

• 1 minute warm up – jogging on the spot

• 30 seconds – mountain climbers

• 30 seconds – press ups

• 30 seconds – squat jumps

• 30 seconds – jumping jacks

• 30 seconds – tricep dips on a bench

• 5 x 20m – shuttle runs

Repeat the above workout a minimum of four times, taking a rest of around 30 seconds between sets (rest time will depend on your level of fitness). And remember, stay hydrated throughout the workout, particularly if it’s a warm sunny day. 




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