Manchester is pretty magnificent. But then again, most people that live there are already well aware of this fact. Back in the late nineties, Madchester veteran and Burnage-born Noel Gallagher summed it up perfectly when he thumped his heart and said “The thing about Manchester is…it all comes from here”.

As well as being a vibrant, buzzing melting pot for artists, musicians and culture-vultures, It’s also a pretty incredible sporting city. That’s why we at ZAAZEE are very proud to be a part of Manchester.

Take a look at these seven amazing sporting facts about the greatest city on Earth…

  1. Manchester is home to many of the UK’s nationals sports including the National Cycling Centre, Britain’s first Olympic cycling track. Located at Sportcity it is one of the finest and fastest board tracks in the world. Sir Chris Hoy did a whole bunch of his training at the track prior to winning his many Olympic medals.
  2. In 2009, Manchester saw track legend Usain Bolt set the world’s fastest time for the 150m sprint at a street race on Deansgate, which was part of the Great City Games.
  3. Manchester United FC is the most successful football club in English history with 62 trophies including 20 league titles. And both United and City are in the top ten list of the world’s richest football clubs.
  4. Greater Manchester has embraced the kick-ass sport of Roller Derby with its own league which lets both women and men take part. Plus, the brilliantly-named Rainy City Roller Girls in Oldham have been around since 2008, allowing tough women to get involved with this full-contact speed-fest of a sport!
  5. Chill Factore, which is located near the Trafford Centre, is the world’s widest (and the UK’s longest) indoor real-snow ski/snowboard slope. Gnarly dude!
  6. Manchester is now home to the National Football Museum (at Urbis, in the city centre). This interesting museum houses the planet’s finest collection of footballing artefacts and archives which celebrate football, past and present.
  7. Manchester is home to the national Taekwondo team, the current team features female Olympic Gold Olympic medal winner Jade Jones.

With so much incredible sport in the city, ZAAZEE feels at home. Designed by women for women, ZAAZEE’s stunning range of capris, tops, bra-tops, cropped hoodies and sports accessories are made with the best technical materials and the finest fabrics, helping women to achieve maximum results in the gym, on the track or at a class. They also look pretty awesome.

ZAAZEE was founded by Manchester city centre-dweller and mum-of-two, Deborah Todd. Hailing from a sporty family, Deborah wanted make some kit that would help inspire and motivate even more women to get active and feel good about themselves while doing it.

As a Manchester-born brand, ZAAZEE is keen to get more and more amazing Mancunians on board, showing the rest of the world that we Mancs stick together.

If you’d like to meet ZAAZEE and see what it’s all about, come on down to the Run/Bike/Swim/Triathlon Expo at Eventcity in Manchester on 20 – 22 March, seek us out and have a chat. Check it out at and you could even win free tickets.

See you there.



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