Size & Fit | ZAAZEE Activewear for Women

Size & Fit

Many of ZAAZEE fabrics are super stretchy meaning each size covers a range of body sizes. Our capris and leggings are designed to hold you tight and our long tops to fit close to the body. Everybody is different, so if you're unsure please contact us and we'd be delighted to advise. It is no bother and we love to discuss our products to help make it easier for you.

Our general rule to sizing is as follows:

8 XS
10 - 12 S
14 - 16 M
16 - 18 L

Some points to note:

  • There is obviously some differences in our products on the fabrics and the fit, i.e. tighter tops versus the looser style fitting, 
  • However on some of the tighter fit leggings, going up a size can be more comfortable, depending upon how you like your clothes to fit. If in any doubt, please email us.
  • Your height also plays a role in the fit, so if you are tall you may find a larger size better, especially if you think you are border line between two sizes

We think you'll love our products but should find that an item doesn't fit you can always return it to us - please see our returns policy.

For reference the table below gives full details of our sizing.

  XS S M
WAIST 25-28 in
65-70 cm
28-31 in
71-78 cm
31-34 in
79-86 cm
HIP 33-37 in
85-93 cm
37-40 in
94-100 cm
40-43 in
101-108 cm
CHEST 33-35 in
84-89 cm
35-38 in
90-96 cm
38-40 in
97-102 cm
THIGH 19-21 in
50-53 cm
21-23 in
54-58 cm
23-24 in
59-61 cm
ARM 10-11 in
26-28 cm
11-12 in
28-31 cm
13-14 in
32-34 cm