Ambassadors - Megan | ZAAZEE Activewear for Women

Megan, Fitness Instructor

How long have you been doing sports?

I have been doing sport since I was 13. I went to Rishworth High School and played hockey for West Yorkshire and netball as well. I was in all the teams at school: swimming galas, netball, hockey, rounders, cross country...

Who got you into it?

I have been into fitness all my life. My dad owned his own gym and at the age of 5 took me there sometimes when he needed to sort things out. Then my school got me into it more and I played a lot of sport for school.

Favourite class / Fitness regime

My fav classes are body combat, body pump and boot camps.

Best part of the job

The best part of my job is the people I meet and help to achieve their goals. They're all like my family in a different way and it's the people in the class that make my job worth while. I am very passionate about it and I love it more then anything.

Fitness goals for 2015

My goals for 2015 are to set up more classes, look better body wise, help more people get fit for life and most importantly kick arse!

Greatest event achievement in sport

My greatest achievement in sport is going from being 15 in body combat classes wishing I was that person at the front (that is all I wanted to be) to actually being that person at the front. I am proud to have got this far and I would not swap my dream for the world.