Meet Jonathan Ferryman - Athlete, Personal Trainer, Videographer & Photographer

As we continue to grow ZAAZEE I am always keen to get more feedback from athletes, personal trainers and people who take sport seriously. 

This catch up is with Jonathan - I’ve known him for years. He was always training at the track opposite tennis and when my kids started doing athletics I’d see him regularly. He was a personal trainer at David Lloyd for a few years too. So I was keen to see what he thinks of the new men’s tops. 

How did you get motivated to get into athletics? As well as being an athlete you worked at a PT, how did you enjoy being a trainer and pushing yourself?

I got involved in athletics through school like most people. I just stuck to it because I loved it and enjoyed the lifestyle and training, also met some great friends a long the way. I haven't been a PT in years now but I always have loved training and have always enjoyed teaching and bringing that to other people.

What makes a good piece of kit for you?

For me, a piece of kit has to be easy to use and feel good when you put it on.

What do you think of the ZAAZEE men's top?

Now that I have had a chance to train in the kit and use it in the gym and on the track. I have noticed the material is super high quality it's stretchy and I feel it really compliments my physique. When on the track it was rainy and cold and when warmed up I felt it was warmer than I was expecting.

What was your passion in athletics and your favourite event? 

I have done so many events inside the athletics, hurdles, high jump and most of the running events. Triple jump is my favourite as I love the challenge and it feels so good to get it right.

What do you think the benefits of working out are? Why is exercise so important?

I feel it's just important for people just to get up and move around. I feel labelling it exercise makes it sound like a chore apart from the health benefits building a community of people who enjoy getting out and doing something is really important for not only physical health but also our mental health too.

How important is it what we eat versus what we do activity wise?

I feel following a diet or a particular way of eating is a bad place to start for pretty much anyone and it often puts you off starting altogether. I talk about mostly how what you eat can affect the way you feel when doing an activity. If you get enough sleep and have enough water you are well on the way to feel energised rather than sluggish.

You talk a lot about how running can help women as they get older? Can you explain more on this?

I think running in general is a great way to stay fit for men and women. Another point that I feel extremely passionate about is anyone who decides to take up running should always go and see and work with a running coach. Technique is a major factor in running, more than people think, and looking at technique and biomechanics can often prevent injury. For women in particular I would always point out research that has been done in terms of weightlifting to show that it really benefits women as they get older and keeps bone density from deteriorating as much as they age resulting in a better quality of life.

What are your lockdown fitness tips?

Do not put pressure on yourself to train as you did before lockdown, do what you can, when you can and use the time to stretch do some yoga and try something new.

What else do you do?

I am a videographer and photographer based in Manchester you can find me on my social handles Instagram: jferryman1 & jf_media1 also on my website and my Youtube channel Just Film Media.


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