Ambassadors - Renata | ZAAZEE Activewear for Women


Who got you into it

I used to be a yoga teacher, but then I tried weights and really enjoyed it. There's not many female personal trainers and even less legit information about how woman should train so I decided to change that.

Best part of the job

I love seeing people doing things they couldn't do before, becoming more con?dent about themselves. Lots of women when they become stronger change mentally and feel more sophisticated.

Best thing I love about training so far

I love feeling strong and having a good body. I love that I can eat more and be more relaxed with my food as increasing muscle mass has improved my metabolic rate.

Favourite city in the UK

Manchester - people are friendly and it has special vibe to it, also I love the River Irwell, makes town even more beautiful.

Favourite healthy food

I love all sorts of fruit and hazelnut butter. Also quest bars are amazing!

Favourite part of my body

My waist is tiny comparing to my bum, it's the best thing ever!

Bit I enjoy working on other people

Their confidence and self love. You can have a great body, but con?dence is still the most attractive trait and it's also big driving force. Also I love giving people live skill how to keep ?t and eat healthy for rest of their life.

Things that annoy me the most that people say about training

Carbs are evil. People think I don't eat carbs and get shocked when see me doing so. Reality is we all need different amount of carbs, depending on our lean muscle mass, insulin sensitivity, work load etc. - there's no eating plan that fits everyone.