Running for fun to preparing to run a marathon

ZAAZEE caught up with Manchester-based running enthusiast Emma Joy Cockroft, who took her love of running to the ultimate stage!

My fitness journey…

I’d always dabbled with sprinting and dance when I was younger, but as you get older life gets in the way. I started running properly again in 2013 upon signing up to my first half marathon (The Great North Run) as I had wanted to run for my cousin and Macmillan Cancer Support. Running helped me mentally and physically. Following the race I was well and truly hooked! The rest is history. Fitness became my lifestyle which led to me to qualifying as a PT.

The running bug

After doing my first half I wanted to seek out more races and run a quicker time. I looked into booking five half marathons for 2015 (as a challenge) in the lead up to my first marathon in 2016. Running was pretty much my side job by this point. It made me happy and I loved seeing my progress. I’m proud to say I’ve now run a total of three marathons. Manchester, Berlin and Paris.

Emma Joy

Love of running

I love the natural high of achieving something I previously thought I was incapable of doing. I love knowing that I’d worked so hard for something that I’ve now completed. There’s no other feeling I can describe which compares to finishing a marathon. However, it comes with its downsides! Of course, no one enjoys the physical pain that comes with long distance running. I’ve chafed in places I’ve never had before! It also tests you mentally, again a feeling I’ve never come across before. It’s a fight with yourself, but then again it’s why I do it!

Marathon advice

I’d never say never. I always told people I’d never be able to complete a marathon, ever… And look where I’m at today! It’s a lot of hard work, but nothing great comes easy. If you’re determined, you’ll concur it. I’m planning on running the Amsterdam marathon in October hopefully.

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Last year ZZ supported and took part in the Women’s Running 10k Series. We encouraged women in Leeds / Manchester & Liverpool to take part as it is a superb series.

Becoming a WR10k Ambassador?

I’d been following @Womensrunninguk a lot on Twitter as I really enjoy their content. I then received an email and was completely shocked they had chosen me! I was so happy to find out that what I’m doing inspires others.

You’ve recently received your Level 3 PT, what’s the plan?

I’m looking at gaining experience within a gym and also in classes. I’d love to eventually do it all, so the plan is to just set up and work from there. I’m ready for the world!


My fitness goals

I’m looking at incorporating strength and conditioning to my running plan, so have been mixing up my sessions with other types of exercise. I’m just looking at becoming stronger, fitter and more focused on my goals.

Fitness food tips

Moderation is the key to life! Do not deprive yourself of anything, but keep track of what you in take compared to your outtake. I never count calories, instead I look at what activities I’ll be doing for the day and make sure I’m getting all parts of the food groups to support that. It’s making healthy eating a lifestyle, not having a ‘diet’.

Lovin’ ZAAZEE!

Deborah got in touch which me a while back on collaborating for a piece. We’re both busy ladies, but we met and that allowed me to lovingly look over her products. I bought a pair of Magenta Capri pants and started training in them and LOVED the way they felt on my body. They are comfortable and colourful (which is what I love, standing out from the crowd!) which made me want to invest in more products from ZAAZEE, as the quality is so worth it.


The Women’s Running 10K Race Series continues over the summer and I’m proud to be a pacer for the Manchester event on September 10th! I’ll be there to cheer you on, don’t be shy say hi! We’ve teamed up with ZAAZEE for the Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds events to offer you 15% off your entry fee. Simply enter ZZ2017 to receive your discount. Click here to find the event nearest you!

Thank you for reading, Emma

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