Running: How to Improve Your Personal Best Times

If you love running as much as we do, here’s another fascinating insight into the world of running that will help you improve when you’re out and about.

Part of the appeal of running, aside from fitness benefits, is the constant challenge you are setting yourself as you register improving times, speed, location and distance.

Runners are driven by a desire to be better, to shave seconds off times on their favourite courses and distances , improve and get fitter.

It’s an ever-evolving pastime that sees you developing new techniques, training methods and buying new kit looking to be a better version of the last you to step out onto the road or track.

Luckily, there are plenty of little wins you can look to exploit which will help you on your journey to better times than you’ve ever had before. So, let’s look at four that are bound to help you achieve your aim through 2020.

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Wearable technology has got to be one of the most significant changes in modern years to the world of running. Whether it is a simple watch to track time and distance, or smart trainers which look at every element of your run, having technology help you in your goal is the way forward this year.

A study by the NCBI suggested that most runners now have wearable tech as part of their kit, whether to measure distances in training or such metrics like cadence and step distance. Every piece of data can be used to improve upon your current times.


In the past we used to have to get advice on technique from trainers, perhaps not available to every runner on the circuit. These days, thanks to the tech we covered in the last section, you can get plenty of data about your technique from technology.

That allows you to look for those small gains to improve your time, such as checking your asymmetry and stride length. An article by Nurvv explains that by focusing on improving your technique, improvements in speed will happen as a result. Perhaps you can achieve slightly faster times by broadening your stride or adjusting your posture. It’s certainly going to be easier to break down your technique in 2020.

There’s a number of run trainers out there, how many of you have one of these?

Train Sensibly

As our blog post by guest runner Anna explained, your body is not going to take lightly to you ramping up your training schedule just to improve your times. If you’re going to improve your times, then you must make sure your training regime is sensible and balanced.

Just hitting the tarmac, day after day, is not the route to personal bests, so make sure you’re carefully managing your training against other important elements, such as recovery. A post by Aaptiv outlines how one of the biggest mistakes a runner can make is not completing a training plan. Don’t be that person. 

Become a Complete Athlete

Weight training wasn’t ever at the top of a runner’s schedule, certainly not through the seventies and eighties. It seemed alien for an athlete who wanted to go faster to be bulking up, but methods have developed and now getting in the weight room is important for anyone wanting to improve their personal best. 

Getting a PB is all about endurance and strength and you’ll get a boost from becoming a better athlete all around. A focus on core stabilising muscles is certainly important, but so are muscles in your back, as well as tendons in the lower and upper body. 

The main advice from us would be to enjoy it, above anything else. Sometimes it is best to ditch the watch and the goals and just get back to enjoying the run, whatever the weather and the freedom you get.

Keep us posted on your progress, goals and achievements. Which ever events and runs you enjoy feel free to post your favourite snaps. If any of you have any blog ideas, get in touch and write to us at

Happy Running, ZAAZEE 


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