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Lynsey Metcalfe is a Master Personal Trainer and owner of Holland Wellbeing, based in West London. She is a specialist trainer, working with women with health conditions, those getting back into exercise and with ante/post natal women. Lynsey is also a regular speaker, leading corporate webinars and seminars on a range of health and wellbeing topics. Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer, she worked at a senior level in the City for 15 years

If you need some positivity or empowerment in your workout life, this inspirational post is really worth a read…enjoy!

Every woman has the right to feel fabulous in what they wear

By Lynsey Metcalfe 

As a specialist personal trainer, working with those who need a bit of extra care when it comes to exercise, I often hear complaints that exercise clothing brands do not care about people who are outside of what they consider the ‘norm’, i.e. size 8 -10, fit, mobile and young. I work with people with health conditions, the disabled, older people, larger people and new mums looking to get back to being themselves again. Often these ‘special populations’ feel they have nowhere to go. This is not really on is it? I passionately believe that we all have a right to feel good about our bodies, regardless of what they look like naked or whether they work properly or not. So when I met Debs Todd, owner of ZAAZEE, I loved her ethos of giving all women the confidence to get exercising and feel great while working out.

So if you sometimes feel uncomfortable about your body (probably most of us at some point in our lives), these tips are for you:

  • Dress for you in the gym, nobody else

Frankly you want to be comfortable when working out. Choose colours that make you feel good about yourself and things that reflect your personality. Wear breathable fabrics that fit well. Whatever your size, close-fitting clothes are usually more comfortable for exercise so don’t be afraid to try something like tight capris or a fitted top – they will give you a lot of support. And get a good sports bra. It’s the best investment you will make exercise wise.

  • It’s OK to get hot and sweaty when working out

Just that really. It will happen when you are working hard, so embrace it. 

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of

So you’ve had a baby, or an accident, or put on a bit of weight. It’s still OK to put on your favourite kit and get down the gym. There is no need to ‘wait until I’ve lost weight or when I’m fitter’.  

  • Let’s stop talking about ‘real’ women

We are all real women, regardless of whether we are thin, fat, disabled, old, young or anything in between. We should be supporting each other as women and encouraging all women to participate in whatever exercise they can. 

  • There will always be some form of exercise that you can do

Unless you are ill (take your doctor’s advice please!), there is always something you can do. Get some advice from a specialist trainer or a tailored class and listen to your body. Try something new as you might surprise yourself.

So calling all women, whatever you look like, go and treat yourself to something fabulous to wear and be proud to exercise. Just by doing something, you are improving your health. It doesn’t matter whether it is a walk, some gentle mobility exercises or a triathlon. Get out there and feel amazing about it.

Lynsey xx


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