By ZAAZEE’s CEO, Deborah Todd

Last week, I was excited to attend my first ONE LIVE – the Les Mills global fitness tour that includes Body Pump, Grit, Body Balance, RPM and. of course, my favourite – Body Combat..

When my blogger friend Squat Bot, who knows I love Combat, asked if I would be her plus one at the event at Alexandra Palace, London, I was obviously going to say yes.  

I have been doing Body Combat with Megan Hyland at David Lloyd Trafford for three years, as you may remember from my previous blog post. Megan is amazing – she has a fun personality, she knows her stuff and she’s really engaging, which are three fantastic things any mum needs to kick start her Saturday workout. 

Upon arriving at Alexandra Palace, I was really impressed. There were inspiring super fit women everywhere, and everyone was pumped up and prepared for fun.

There was a huge Body Pump set up in the main room and thousands of boxes all ready to go. 

We went to the media room where we left out stuff and, as a thank you for coming, we received a new water bottle and t-shirt which was pretty cool and met some female bloggers, some we knew and some new ones which we were really excited to meet. 

When you meet like-minded people in the right environment it is just fantastic. It’s just people all wanting the same thing, to get fit and have fun. It was cool to chat to people about ZAAZEE and show them the new Yellow top for summer that I was rocking! 

The first class we signed up for was Body Pump, and although the Les Mills bars were different to the Reebok ones, I managed quickly to get it sorted. There were loads of women around me all enjoying this opportunity to see some of the Les Mills stars. It was really engaging and the presenters were massively motivating and technically fabulous!

Body Pump uses light to moderate weights and lots of repetition to give you a full-body workout. It burns calories, shapes and tones your entire body, increases core strength and improves bone health.

This was the new Les Mills release, so although I didn’t know the moves or songs, it was still amazing to be surrounded by so many people all doing the same activity. Even though it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re trying to keep up with the moves, I did stop and take it all in, as I wanted to remember it. It was really cool, the music was loud, there were cameras and people on hand to make sure you were ok. Pretty awesome!

After pump we had a break and headed for lunch which was organisedand included chicken, salmon and salad which was perfect post and pre-workout fuel. I wasn’t that hungry but knew that another combat class could burn over 600 calories so wanted to have energy and not be running on empty. 
My favourite Body Combat followed, which was staged in a large room with loads of people taking part. Having a new routine is always hard to pick up but it was pretty good and there was a jump kick track which are my favourites.

We had huge amounts of fun and met so many new people. I would definitely recommend the One Live event to Les Mills fans at the classes I go to. 

The event is coming to Manchester in November, and I’m really keen to go and see how my fantastic city can improve upon London. Hopefully see you there.

Have a great weekend, see you at Body Combat soon! 

Debs xxx


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