Profile: Clare Dooley

As part of our In Profile series we take a look at fitness fanatic Clare Dooley – a dance teacher and management trainer from Northwich.

Last year Clare took park in the Equinox, a 24-hour running event in the beautiful grounds of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, covering an epic 100 miles to raise funds for The Donkey Sanctuary.

Clare took part in the 2012 London Marathon, ran 87 miles in 16 hours during the Ultra Marathon a year later and has a lifetime experience in the world of dance & performing arts, having performed in many professional shows.


How did you first get into Sport?

My first sport was swimming which I started at the age of 5. At age 7 I became the youngest person to swim 6 miles non stop and went on to complete my life-saving qualifications. I also did lots of cycling from an early age. My Dad is a lifelong cyclist and even now at the age of 74 cycles every day.

What motivated you to set up a dance school?

The idea to start a dance school happened over 20 years ago when I met my best friend at Dance College. It was always in the plan but we first pursued independent teaching and performing careers. My professional dance career has been relatively diverse from ballet to musicals and more recently in films. Whilst dancing on a UK contract I completed a business management degree at Manchester university and embarked on my first job in the ‘real world’ I worked a 4am – 1pm shift to allow me the time to set up our dance school, Impact Dance and Theatre School which has now been running for 11 years with schools in Horwich, Northwich and recently opening at David Lloyd in Trafford City.

What other sports do you do?

Whilst on a dance contract in Japan nearly 20 years ago I took up running as a way of switching off between performances and this is something I have continued to enjoy ever since. I completed my first marathon in 2012 and have also dabbled in ultra-running, completing 130k non-stop run. I run purely for fun and as a way to relax between a hectic schedule.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I like to spend time with my adopted rescue cat Smokey and because I love my dance school so much and run it with my friend I never see this as work!!! We always make sure we plan in fun stuff as well as teaching to make sure we remain friends and not just business partners.

File_000 (1).jpeg

What makes ZAAZEE perfect for dancing?

I discovered ZAAZEE whilst looking for something that would allow the move-ability of a leotard but with less restriction. Being able to see the line of the body is vital to effective dance teaching and ZAAZEE allows for this whilst adding a much more up to date look than traditional ballet wear. It was also refreshing to find sportswear that had considered the effects of movement. I can match the tops with practice tutus for ballet and combine fun mixes of colours and leggings for modern and tap classes.

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