Profile: Katherine Heyes – Sports Therapist

As part of our continuing In Profile series we talk in depth to Katherine (Kat for short) Heyes from Lytham near Blackpool.

Kat has been working with the ZAAZEE team for events such as Swim, Bike, Tri and Run Expo as well as Spin For Manchester event which helped raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, The Christie and Boot Out Breast Cancer. She’s great fun and a fantastic therapist.

So a bit about me! I’m a qualified Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast!!

Sport has been a huge part of my life from a very young age. Starting out as a bit of a water baby competing in swimming, synchronised swimming and diving, to then finding the love for team sports and playing Hockey for 12 years. So when it came to choosing my career I knew sport and fitness needed to be involved and I was no ‘sitting in an office all day’ kind of girl (however, I am currently sat in an office as I am writing this).


My love for sport and my natural empathy to want to help people, took me down the route of Sports Therapy. Through personal experiences of Injury, I know the frustration it can cause and knowing I can help someone overcome this and even prevent it from happening gives me a real buzz.

Now where does personal training come into this? Well this has recently become another passion of mine gained through the experiences I have come across as a Therapist. Being approached by young fit gym goers with sculptured biceps and abs but who are also complaining of lower back and shoulder pain and then when assessed, would have poor mobility, flexibility and no functional stability, made me think that maybe I need to be intervening a lot earlier. If I can help someone train and reach their personal goals, but in a functional and injury preventative manor it has to be a WIN WIN.

I am currently working with a Rugby league team as their head Sports Therapist and I also provide a mobile Sports Massage and Injury Treatment service based in central Manchester.

Why do I use Sports Massage as a form of treatment?

Sports massage can be used for many reasons, whether it is in a sporting environment to help prepare for an event or help in the recovery process. It can be used in the prevention of injuries by targeting tight dysfunctional muscles as well as highlighting areas of weakness.

Massage assists to restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and can be used to maintain healthy, functional muscles.

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What does massage actually do?

  • Increases the blood flow to the muscles and removes waste products from the targeted area which may be causing pain, swelling and restricting movement
  • Stretches any tight muscles that may be restrictive and causing pain
  • Relieves tension that could be causing headaches or migraines
  • Breaking down adhesions and scar tissue from an injury
  • Improving the tone of your muscles and therefore reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Providing an overall calming and relaxing experience by releasing endorphins

Through my love for ZAAZEE as a product and also the amazing team behind it, any ZAAZEE customers can get a 20% discount on your first booking through my Mobile Therapy service. Get in touch on my email below, or see you at a ZAAZEE event soon.

Kat Heyes – Performance For All


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